Paket Dada IDR 50k + Telur IDR 15k

From Jogja to Jakarta, the famous local Gudeg Sagan is now open in Jakarta, precisely at Ciranjang street, not far from Senopati area.

Paket Dada IDR 50k + Telur IDR 15k

Gudeg is easily one of the most popular local food in Yogyakarta, it’s basically young jackfruit stew dish and Gudeg Sagan is known for one of the popular places to eat Gudeg there. The Gudeg style in Gudeg Sagan is wet gudeg where they cook the young coconut with various seasoning over firewood.

The newly opened outlet in Jakarta is situated in spacious home, the decor is very simple yet homey. As for the food, they serve 6 options of Gudeg Rice Package ranging from IDR 22k to IDR 50k, the cheapest one would be Paket Tempe IDR 22k (Rice + Tempe + Krecek + Gudeg).

Paket Dada IDR 50k + Telur IDR 15k

Various extra side dishes are available ranging from IDR 8k to IDR 43k. Since we personally never been to Gudeg Sagan in Jogja, we are not able to share with you the comparison of the taste and price, but we heard that it’s more expensive in Jakarta, well maybe because the rental price in Jakarta is way more expensive.

Paket Dada IDR 50k + Telur IDR 15k

Paket Dada IDR 50k + Telur IDR 15k
We ordered the Paket Dada which consists of rice, krecek, gudeg, & chicken plus additional egg stew. The gudeg was very flavorful, it has this nice smoky caramelized taste.

Telur IDR 15k

The chicken was also tasty, tender with savory sweet coconut milk-based seasoning fully absorbed into it. Short to say, it was enjoyable with all the good components we expected, but we personally think that it would be more perfect for us personally if the rice wasn’t too mushy and the Krecek wasn’t too oily.

Gudeg Sagan
Jl. Ciranjang No. 4, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta, 12189


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