BANDAR DJAKARTA ANCOL Promo with Traveloka Eats

Indonesian seafood dishes are always a perfect option for gathering with friends or family. It’s always fun to order various dishes for sharing. AnakJajan recently just learned that Traveloka has launched new feature called Traveloka Eats where we can get special offer or discount promo for restaurants.

If you notice, now in Traveloka app there’s new “Eats” feature. The newest feature is basically called Traveloka Eats

With Traveloka Eats, we can see complete directory of restaurants in town, we can see detailed info about the restaurant such as rating, opening hours, review, etc.

Another interesting feature that we will talk more about is the “Special Offer” where we can purchase voucher for certain restaurant with special discount or deal.

AnakJajan gotta be honest, we were sceptical about the whole voucher purchase process, but we decided to give it a try because if we can save a bit from our budget, why not?! Surprisingly it was very easy, hassle free and totally got us impressed, it’s worth raving for.

AnakJajan tried the Special Offer from Bandar Djakarta – Ancol There are 2 types of voucher available for Bandar Djakarta, for 5 people or 10 people. AnakJajan opted for Set Meal for 5 people with special deal from IDR 750k become IDR 675.5k nett for 5 people.

The booking process is pretty easy, after choosing the voucher, we can fill the contact details, then for payment there are many payment options available: TravelokaPay, Uangku, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, ATM, Indomaret, Alfamart, as well as internet banking.

We can automatically make reservation at the same time by choosing the date of visit when purchasing the voucher which we find very convenient. After purchasement being made succesfully, AnakJajan got the reservation confirmation from Bandar Djakarta via email and phone call.

On the day of reservation, upon arriving, our table was prepared and ready. AnakJajan simply showed the staff the voucher on “My Booking” menu, the staff will swipe to redeem the voucher, no printing required.

The Set Meal for 5 people includes:
– Tahu Ondel
– 0.6kg Ikan Kakap Merah Sambal Matah
– 0.7kg Kepiting XL Saus Telur Asin
– 0.4kg Udang Pancet Besar Butter Garlic
– 0.4kg Cumi Goreng Tepung
– 1 Kangkung Cah Terasi
– 5 Nasi putih
– Sambal
– 5 Drinks (Tea/ Iced Tea)

Food was served immediately in no time. Let’s take a closer look at those scrumptious dishes.

Tahu Ondel
The deep fried tofu was filled with mixed vegetables like potato, carrot, etc. It was crunchy on the outside, the burst with savory flavors from the inside.

Cumi Goreng Tepung
Classic all time favorite must have item, deep fried calamary. Best enjoyed with spicy chili sauce.

Ikan Kakap Merah Sambal Matah
If we have to pick one favorite dish, this has gotta be the the one. The fish was fresh and full of meat, nicely grilled with nice charred aroma in it. Then complemented by generous amount of spicy and aromatic Balinese Sambal Matah, so so good!

Kangkung Cah Terasi
To complete the meal, for vegetable we got Kangkung Cah Terasi with bold flavor. It makes an amazing companion for rice.
To complete the eating experience, there were 3 types of sambal provided, oh FYI they provide free refill for rice and sambal.

Udang Pancet Besar Butter Garlic
Fingers licking good!! Just look at the huge size of prawns, it was cooked in butter garlic sauce, savory with subtle sweet taste and delightful buttery aroma. Make sure to eat garlic and shallot together with the shrimp for extra flavor kick.

Kepiting XL Saus Telur Asin
First time trying salted egg sauce seasoning in Bandar Djakarta and it was quite impressive. They’re very generous with the sauce, it was savory buttery creamy, love the fact that they enhance the sauce flavor with generous amount of curry leaves.

Overall, Indonesian seafood dishes done right, fresh ingredients, great flavor, fun ambiance, AnakJajan left the restaurant with happy tummies. As for Traveloka Eats, honestly it was the easiest restaurant voucher transaction process we’ve ever had, practical, cheaper, and hassle free.

Bandar Djakarta – Ancol
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Pintu Timur
Jl. Lodan Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia


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