Indonesian food is always exciting, from sweet to savory, comfort to rich bold taste, we dream to have a culinary trip all around Indonesia. To celebrate upcoming Independence Day, AnakJajan has teamed up with GO-FOOD to pick list of recommendation for ‘Kuliner Nusantara’ for you all.

Jakarta and greater area is a melting pot of cuisine therefore you might be able to explore cuisine from various regions without the need to fly into the city and without the need to leave your home thanks to the convenient food delivery with GO-FOOD.

Out of many tasty Indonesian food, we’ve carefully picked list of tasty recommendation. With the list of ‘Kuliner Nusantara’, hopefully it inspires you to try more cuisine from various region, also hopefully it gives you more ideas on what to eat,

In total there are more than 40 recommendations that you can check on GO-FOOD from 11th August until 10th September 2018

Here are teaser, sharing some of our favorites to tempt all of you 😀

Ahai 008
Located in Pademangan, Ahai 008 serves various Pontianak style dishes but there’s one particular dish that AnakJajan love the most, that is Nasi Kuning, fragrant flavorful rice served with egg, turmeric marinated fried chicken, peanut, crispy anchovies, emping, sauteed green beans, and sambal. Must try!

Warung MJS
Warung MJS or MJSetiabudi holds a good reputation as Javanese Dish Specialist. Make sure to try their Ayam Setan and Tempe Mendoan, full review on following link

Gorengan Punakawan IDR 35,135

Gado-Gado Puri Kusti
Been a big fan of Ketoprak from this place for years and we couldn’t be happier that now they’re available on Go-Food. AnakJajan personally can say this as one of the BEST Ketoprak in town! The peanut sauce is on point as always, served with crunchy risol and savory omelette.

Ayam Tangkap AR
Ayam Tangkap is one of the signature dishes from Aceh, it is basically a deep fried chicken dish with generous amount of curry leaves for aroma and you can find it at Ayam Tangkap AR. Full review on following link

Ayam Tangkap IDR 46k

Bebek Malio
Craving for Surabaya style fried duck? Give Bebek Malio a try, the fried duck is well marinated and deep fried beautifully, best enjoyed with Sambal Merah and Sambal Pencit, one special thing you can find there is their ‘Bumbu Ijo”, it’s like a green curry sauce served on top of rice, it’s addictively good!

Dapur Solo
Started from 1988, Dapur Solo has been a reliable choice when it comes to traditional Indonesian Javanese cuisine particularly Solo cuisine since it’s their specialty. Full review on following link

Nasi Langgi Kuning Special IDR 39k

Padang Sahaja
Of course ‘Kuliner Nusantara’ won’t be complete without Padangnese cuisine. Padang Sahaja is worth checking out, aside from all the classic Padangnese dishes, their Grilled Rendang is impressively good!

Rendang Bakar

Puang Oca
Puang Oca is one of the recommended places for tasty and fresh seafood dishes in Jakarta. What makes it unique is the seafood dishes here are Makassar style, you can find unique dishes like Kudu Kudu Goreng Tepung, Palumara, etc. Full review on following link

Tumis Bunga Pepaya IDR 32k, Udang Sito Balado Pete IDR 168k
Kudu Kudu Goreng Tepung 175k (7 ounces)
Acar Tuing-Tuing IDR 28k

Durian Ucok
Famously known at Medan, do you know that are many Durian Ucok reseller here? Yupp, you can get your durian cravings fixed anytime.

Out of the list above, there are many other tasty recommendations that are worth checking. You might want to check the complete list on Go-Food App. Enjoy!

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