GREAT NEWS! There’s Sunflower field in Arumdalu Farm, Scientia Square Park (SSQ), Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia. It could be a nice outdoor option to visit for people around Jakarta greater area.

Before reading the whole blog post, here are some IMPORTANT NOTES:
– By the time AnakJajan visit Arumdalu Farm on the last week of August 2018, some of the flowers have withered already since they’ve been blooming for almost 3 weeks. So make sure to visit as fast as possible before it’s gone.
– Sunflowers bloom every 2 months.
– Once it blooms, the flower can last for 3 weeks ONLY.
– After August 2018, the flower will bloom again on November 2018.
– Arumdalu Farm was still in soft opening phase, so during our visit there were still so many unfinished works.

Visiting sunflower field has always been one of my top bucketlist and finally I’m able to check this one off. Arumdalu Farm is located inside Scientia Square Park, so you will need to pay the park entrance fee, it’s IDR 25k/ person for weekday and IDR 50k/ person for weekend.

Arumdalu Farm is a collaboration site between Arumdalu Lab, Arumdalu Resort and SSQ Park focusing on urban farming education and engineering ecosystem.

On the front, you can see fields of vegetables like lettuce, chili, etc where they offer vegetable harvesting activity if we’re not mistaken. Inside the building there’s “farm to table cafe” with menu made by using fresh ingredients from their own farm.

During our visit, there were only 2 items available Blue Pea Tea and Tempeh Burger.

Blue Pea Tea + Sunflower Field entrance IDR 20k
NOTE: To enter Sunflower Field, you have to buy their Blue Pea Tea for IDR 20k first.
The tea is served with lime wedges, add some drops of lime juice and the tea will change its color from blue to purple.

Blue Pea Tea + Sunflower Field entrance IDR 20k

Tempeh Burger with chips IDR 35k
Their Tempeh Burger is meat free, instead of using meat patty, they use homemade tempeh patty where they braised, smoked, fried, and grilled the tempeh in order to give it more flavor. It was quite enjoyable, eating burger while looking at bright yellow flowers from the window.

Tempeh Burger with chips IDR 35

The sunflower field wasn’t that spacious but adequate enough for us to walk around, enjoying the bloom and outdoor breeze.

During our visit on last week of August 2018, some of the flowers have withered already since they’ve been blooming for almost 3 weeks.

By the time you read this blogpost, you gotta plan a visit as fast as possible before the flowers are gone, or maybe you can wait the next 2 months for newly bloomed sunflowers (Nov 2018 would be the next blooming time).

Make sure to check the weather first and wear comfortable shoes to best experience.

Since you’re already in SSQ Park, aside from Arumdalu Farm, make sure to walk around the park. There are a few activities or spots that you can explore like butterfly garden, looking at buffalo on rice fields, etc, including this instagrammable bamboo tunnel.

Arumdalu Farm – SSQ Park
Jl. Scientia Boulevard
Tangerang, Banten 15810


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3 thoughts on “SUNFLOWER FIELD – Arumdalu Farm, SSQ PARK”

  1. hi kak julia dan kak marius, kira-kira kalau aku kesana tanggal 11 september masih mekar gak ya sunflowernya? 😦

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