KOREAN BBQ ALL YOU CAN EAT (AYCE) at Magal (Mapogalmaegi) Premium Senayan City!! What more could you can ask for??

Magal is a Korean BBQ specialty restaurant originated from South Korea. Now you can get your cravings for Korean BBQ fixed in Senayan City mall.

As we all know, beef is more of a premium meat option when it comes to Korean BBQ, that explains why Magal in Senayan City is called Magal Premium because they serve NO PORK & NO LARD (it surely is a great news for our Moslem friends), besides normal a la carte dishes, they have ALL YOU CAN EAT (AYCE) menu.

AYCE here has 2 options:
Regular IDR 199k++ (IDR 235.317,- nett)
Premium IDR 299k++ (IDR 353.567,- nett)
and Child IDR 129k++

All AYCE packages include banchan + hot dishes like Tteokbokki, Bibimbap, Japchae, Ramyun, Soup, Panjeon/ Pancake, etc, + Korean BBQ meat like seafood, beef, chicken, mushroom, pineapple, egg crust + drink and dessert.

For Regular, there are 2 options of beef: Thinly Sliced Prime Brisket & Marinated Prime Beef Ribs.

Personally AnakJajan highly recommend you to try the Premium Package since you get to try 7 options of beef: Thinly Sliced Prime Brisket, Marinated Prime Beef Ribs, Marinated Boneless Shortribs, Prime Beef Boneless Shortribs, Prime Beef Ribs, Marinated Prime Shortribs, Beef Tongue, also there are more options of hot dishes and GAYA GELATO for dessert, yup you read it right.

The normal Ala Carte menu is still available but since we were curious with the AYCE, AnakJajan opted for AYCE Premium Package on our visit.

We were hungry and greedy so we ordered all the 7 types of beef to try. For AYCE, the meat is served in smaller portion than normal ala carte menu which we think is a great concept since we get to try and eat more variety of meat in one visit without getting too full.

All of the meat were tender and tasteful, we enjoyed the marinated meat the most.

This might be unpopular option but honestly the Spicy Boneless Chicken Feet are soooo delicious! It has unique chewy crunchy texture and the spicy chili seasoning smells sooo good after being grilled.

Spicy Chicken

There are many options of hot dishes like Sundubu Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae, Yukgaejang, Tteokbokki, etc. AnakJajan ordered Beef BBQ Hotplate, Seafood & Kimchi Pancake, and Hot Stone Bibimbap.

Hot Stone Bibimbap
Beef BBQ Hotplate

The Seafood & Kimchi Pancake we ordered was as good as our expectations with just the right thickness and crunchy crust on the side.

Kimchi & Seafood Pancake

Another factor that makes Magal Premium Senayan City special is you get to enjoy GAYA GELATO for dessert. It is included in Premium AYCE package. There were 4 options of flavors during our visit: Passion Fruit, Caramel, Soursop, & Hazelnut Chocolate. Besides Gaya Gelato, iced coffee and watermelon are included too.

Overall, considering eating Korean BBQ is usually quite pricey, AnakJajan gotta admit that the AYCE package is quite a GREAT DEAL, you get to try many dishes with one price. We highly recommend the Premium AYCE Package for maximum enjoyment with great range of dish and meat, totally worth it!

Magal Premium – Senayan City
Senayan City Mall, 5th Floor
Jln. Asia Afrika, Senayan
Instagram: @magalpremium.senci


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