CHAVATY CAFE – Plaza indonesia, Jakarta

From Omotesando, Tokyo to Jakarta, Indonesia, the happening Chavaty Tea Cafe is now open in Lumine, Plaza Indonesia.

Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k
Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k

Chavaty is considered to be a new happening tea cafe in Tokyo, if you walk past their store in Omotesando during weekend, most likely there will be a long queue. AnakJajan were quite surprised by the fact that they’re now open in Jakarta, of course it’s a good news because we have more option to go whenever we miss Japan.

Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k

The tea cafe located inside Lumine department store in Plaza Indonesia level 5, the small cafe has a few tables for dine in. The tea cafe offers small range of products such as Scone, Tiramisu, Soft Serve Ice Cream and Tea based drinks hot or cold.

Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k
Since we were curious with both items, AnakJajan ordered the Tea & Scone set with butter, nuts & dried fruit honey, 2 pcs of scones and choice of drink hot/cold.

Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k

For drink, we got Iced Houjicha Latte which was delightful with nice roasted tea aroma, milky but enjoyable, also not too sweet.

Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k
Tea & Scone Set IDR 75k

The warm scones were really good with slightly flaky texture on the outside, best with butter and honey. The only thing we hope they change would be the frozen hard butter, it would be more awesome if they use whipped butter instead.

Soft Cream Matcha IDR 46k
The soft serve ice cream is available in 3 options, Houjicha, Matcha, or Royal English Tea. AnakJajan opted for Matcha and unfortunately it was under our expectations.

Soft Cream Matcha IDR 46k

The matcha flavor is quite bold and strong in a good way, but it was too sweet for our liking, usually Japanese ice cream doesn’t taste as sweet as this, perhaps they have adjusted the sweetness level for Indonesian market, nevertheless it was still enjoyable but not memorable.

Soft Cream Matcha IDR 46k

Overall, ice cream was under our expectation, luckily the scones and tea latte were delicious. Definitely will be back for more scones and tea latte.

Chavaty Cafe
Plaza Indonesia Level 5
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta, 10350

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