Nasi Putih IDR 7k, Ayam Bakar IDR 20k, Telor Dadar IDR 15k

Finally AnakJajan visited Nasi Kapau Kedai Pak Ciman and got our curiosity answered. Nasi Kapau Kedai Pak Ciman is located in Bintaro Avenue, Tangerang, but they have recently opened new outlet in Jakarta at The Bale Daan Mogot Baru, West Jakarta.

Nasi Putih IDR 7k, Ayam Bakar IDR 20k, Telor Dadar IDR 15k

What was your first meal in 2019?? Is it good?? Well AnakJajan’s first meal in 2019 was AWESOME (also packed with calories hahaha). Since we were in Tangerang area, we decided to give Kedai Pak Ciman a visit to kill the curiosity, luckily they were open on the 1st Jan.

Kedai Pak Ciman is located in Bintaro Avenue 2nd floor in Bintaro Sektor 7. They specialize in Nasi Kapau, a kind of mixed rice from Kapau, Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra.

Nasi Kapau actually looks kinda similar or almost identical with Nasi Padang. One of the main differences would be the food display and serving method, some of the dishes are similar but there are typical Kapau dishes that you cannot find in common Padang restaurant for example Tambusu.


First impression, nicely cooked rice with perfect consistency to soak the thick gravy. The rice comes with 3 basic side dishes, sambal, jackfruit stew, and fried cassava cubes. The crunchy savory fried cassava cubes are to die for!! WHY SO CRISPY AND SO TASTY?!

Nasi Putih IDR 7k, Ayam Bakar IDR 20k, Telor Dadar IDR 15k

Their most famous item is omelette or Telor Dadar, it’s a mix of chicken egg and duck egg with special seasoning fried in lotsa oil, yesssss lotsa lotsa oil! It is super oily but WHO CARES WHEN IT TASTES THIS GOOD (do not count the calories please)!! Yesss their Telor Dadar is simply the best we’ve ever had, so so sooooo good, just put the egg on top of rice to allow all the grease being soaked into rice for extra guilty pleasure.

Telor Dadar IDR 15k
Telor Dadar IDR 15k
Telor Dadar IDR 15k
Nasi Putih IDR 7k, Ayam Bakar IDR 20k, Telor Dadar IDR 15k

For chicken, fried chicken and grilled chicken were far below our expectations (lack of smokiness for grilled one and not marinated enough). The Chicken Rendang was unexpectedly very delicious and packed with flavors, AnakJajan enjoyed the chicken rendang more than the beef rendang there.

Nasi Putih IDR 7k, Ayam Goreng IDR 19k
Nasi Putih IDR 7k, Ikan Asin Lado IDR 19k, Ayam Rendang IDR 20k, Rendang IDR 18k

Most of the side dishes we got were enjoyable but not that special. For us, the star of Kedai Pak Ciman would be the egg or Telur Dadar, a simple combo between rice, jackfruit, fried cassava, sambal and egg would be sufficient to satisfy our tummies. Will there be a second visit? Absolutely yes! Gonna try other side dishes next time.

Kedai Pak Ciman
Bintaro Avenue 2nd floor
Jl. MH Thamrin Blok A02 – 1, SCBD Sektor 7
Bintaro Jaya, Tangerang Selatan, 15222
Phone: +6221-22215800


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One thought on “NASI KAPAU KEDAI PAK CIMAN – Bintaro”

  1. Oooo jadi nasi kapau ini kayak nasi padang beda menu. dan penasaran banget dengan Casava friednya, bisa cruncy gitu ya……aaaah semuanya bikin kaper

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