Sushi Hiro has opened another new and gorgeous outlet in Pluit area. Specially for Sushi Hiro Pluit, they have recently launched new Hiro Omakase, a relatively cheaper or more affordable version of Omakase.

Sushi Hiro Pluit is located at the same row with Jakarta Fruit Market Pluit. This outlet is one of the most spacious with Sushi Hiro’s signature simple minimalistic design, the building itself is quite unique with first floor for parking lot and 2nd floor for dining area.

Specially for this blogpost, AnakJajan are going to review their new Hiro Omakase menu. For must try regular menu, you can check our previous blogposts:
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Omakase means “I’ll leave it to you”, you give the chef creative freedom and let the chef to prepare all dishes with best ingredients the chef can get. So each dish is a surprise, you will get a memorable dining experience.

People always interpret omakase as an expensive meal, well that’s because most of omakase menu available in Jakarta cost more than one million per person usually. Sushi Hiro has their premium omakase menu since a long time ago but this time they launched new Hiro Omakase, a more affordable omakase package that costs IDR 500k++ per person.

Hiro Omakase is available at Sushi Hiro Pluit only at this moment, soon they will launch it at other outlet too. For Hiro Omakase menu, please make a H-1 reservation, reservation at least one day before visiting is needed so the chef have enought time to plan and prepare the ingredient and menu.

Here are the items we got from our Hiro Omakase session recently.

Salad Kaisen
To start the meal, AnakJajan got a fresh salad dish with seafood. The dressing was very tasteful with tangy fresh flavor to boost the appetite.

Salad Kaisen

Hirame Usuzukuri
It’s thinly sliced fluke sashimi served with ponzu which was unbelievably unique and delicious.

Hirame Usuzukuri

Chawan Mushi
Next was my favorite Chawan Mushi with ikura, grilled eel, and scallop as topping. Smooth, warm, and melt in the mouth easily.

Chawan Mushi

Beef Kushiyaki
This meal got us excited. The beef skewer was seasoned just in the right level with hint of black truffle on top. Sooooo delicious, juicy, savory, tender altogether.

Beef Kushiyaki

Sashimi Hirame
Hirame has an elegant charm and subtle texture in the mouth. It was served with soy marinated squid for flavor boost.

Sashimi Hirame

Sushi Ikashio Magurozuke
Not the most instagrammable but the squid sushi with Japanese salt was packed with surprising flavor. It was silky and delicate.

Sushi Ikashio Magurozuke

Soup Arajiru
The soup played a nice role in cleaning up our palates for the next dish. It was packed full of umami with uber soft and tender meat from kanpachi fish head.

Soup Arajiru

Nigiri Sushi
Next we got two types of nigiri sushi made from Tuna and Hirame if we’re not mistaken.

Nigiri Sushi
Nigiri Sushi

Tuna Maki
Last dish before getting dessert, AnakJajan were served tuna sushi roll brushed with egg yolk for unique twist. Oishi!

Tuna Maki

For ending we got freshly made dorayaki filled with red bean paste.


Please note that since this is omakase, you might get different dishes according to the best ingredients the chef has during the time of visit.

Overall, AnakJajan are quite happy with the dishes we got, fresh and delicious. It’s a great experience to try best dishes the chef can offer within IDR 500k range of budget, you might end up trying something new and delicious which you normally won’t order.

Sushi Hiro Pluit
Jl. Pluit Putra No.12
North Jakarta 14450
Opening Hours: 11.00 – 22.00
Instagram: @sushihiro_id
Phone: +6221-6629324


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