Bistik Lidah IDR 98k, Tongseng Lidah/ Sapi IDR 78k

There’s certain charm from anything classic, Tan Goei is an old diner that has been running for years by 3 generations of family and now it has revamped into new and more modern concept under Heritage by Tan Goei name.

Barramundi Green Curry Rice IDR 88k

Poutine IDR 45k

Basically Heritage by Tan Goei is an Indo-Dutch cuisine restaurant where they offer classic and traditional dishes but now with more fresh and new concept, they renovated the restaurant with more cozy ambiance also added new menu selection to attract more customers from younger generation but they still keep the legacy of their signature dishes.

Poutine IDR 45k
For appetizer, AnakJajan had Poutine, basically it’s homemade fries topped with melted cheese and signature gravy. It was an additive combo that simply cannot go wrong with just the right level of seasoning.

Poutine IDR 45k
Poutine IDR 45k

Bistik Lidah IDR 98k
The beef ox tongue dish is their signature and it’s very popular here. Served with blanched veggie, Tan Goei’s signature gravy on pipping hot plate to keep it warm. The ox tongue was extremely tender, nicely seasoned and savory, AnakJajan got to say that this simple looking dish is highly recommended.

Bistik Lidah IDR 98k
Bistik Lidah IDR 98k

Tongseng Lidah/ Sapi IDR 78k
Tongseng is a dish originated from Central Java, and it’s a meat, mutton, or beef stew dish in curry-like soup with sweet soy sauce and vegetable. Here you can choose between beef ox tongue or beef tenderloin.
AnakJajan opted for ox tongue since they know how to cook beef ox tongue nicely, and well it turned out to be really good. Soup was very aromatic and rich thanks to the use of coconut milk, best enjoyed with steamed rice.

Tongseng Lidah/ Sapi IDR 78k

Barramundi Green Curry Rice IDR 88k
Pan fried Barramundi served with green curry fried rice. It’s a great combination actually, both rice and fish were complementing each other nicely. Fish was fresh, meaty and pan fried perfectly with delightful crunchy texture on the skin, while rice was full of spices, savory and aromatic.

Barramundi Green Curry Rice IDR 88k
Barramundi Green Curry Rice IDR 88k
Barramundi Green Curry Rice IDR 88k

In overall, great option of dishes, amazing taste, all of the dishes AnakJajan had at Heritage by Tan Goei was delicious and nicely executed. Heritage by Tan Goei is doing a great job in keeping the heritage while bringing new fresh modern touch, it’s worth a visit.

Heritage by Tan Goei
Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 3, Menteng
Central Jakarta, 10350
Phone : (+6221) 3155057
Instagram: @heritagejkt
Opening Hours: 10.00 – 22.00


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