Whenever someone asks us what’s our favorite cuisine, we strongly will say INDONESIAN FOOD!! I think we can all agree that the food culture in Indonesia is extremely rich with tons of variety from Sabang to Merauke.

From the cooking process, the flavor combination, the presentation, the use of ingredients, etc, Indonesian food have endless of variety. Each region has its own taste and style, there are so many tasty dishes to explore. To preserve the food heritage, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation has launched Kuliner Indonesia Kaya webseries at Youtube in collaboration with ACMI (Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia), produced by KokikuTV and hosted by Jordi Onsu.

Just a quick info, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation is a commitment from PT Djarum to preserve our culture and heritage.
Started from 1992, Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation has been consistently doing various programmes and activities to introduce and preserve Indonesia’s rich culture and these past years they have started to join digital media channels via http://www.indonesiakaya.com to make it easier to reach more audience especially the younger generation.

Kuliner Indonesia Kaya web series can be enjoyed at Indonesia Kaya youtube www.youtube.com/IndonesiaKaya or www.indonesiakaya.com
Each episode will highlight different dishes from different regions.

Earlier this month, AnakJajan joined the launching of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya as well as Buka Bersama event at Almond Zucchini, we couldn’t be more happier to see the traditional Indonesian food selection. Just look at the colorful spread of dishes!!

During the event, Jordi Onsu and ACMI also did cooking demo where they made Soto Betawi and Sarikayo. They showed us how easy to cook both dishes and it was pleasantly delicious.

The first episode features one of our most favorite dishes, Beef Rendang from Padang along with Sarikayo. After watching it, AnakJajan would say that the it’s fun, infomative yet entertaining webseries, we might call it edutainment as well since we get drolled by how tasty looking the dishes are yet we get so many interesting information about the food philosophy, recipe, even important tips about how to choose the best ingredients and cook it well. It turns out that cooking Indonesian food is not as complicated as we imagine.

Well, AnakJajan gotta give Kuliner Indonesia Kaya two thumbs up!! It’s an educating yet entertaining webseries with absolutely great purpose that is to introduce and preserve traditional Indonesian food to the community. Can’t wait to watch another new episode, lotsaa love!! 😍


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