[HONG KONG] TRAVEL GUIDE – Things To do & Places To Visit

Finally the long awaited blogpost is up on the blog, HONG KONG TRAVEL GUIDE, a complete guide about Hong Kong’s transportation, what to do, shopping scene, where to go, etc.

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First of all, apologize for the delayed Hong Kong Travel Guide blogpost, life has been busy 🙂 finally after quite a while, we finished this post. Hopefully if can help you to plan your trip to HK.

Ladies market

Actually since both of us are big foodies, our main purpose going to HK would be doing food hunting, but of course we also need other places to visit for shopping/ sightseeing whenever our tummies are full since we cannot eat all the time. So here you go, some options for you to plan your itinerary.

Well, Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so normally the accommodation in HK is expensive especially if you want spacious room. Which hotel to choose is up to your budget and also depends on the room availability so we cannot recommend any specific hotel.

What we can recommend is the area, we love the old Mongkok area since it’s filled with tons of great places to eat and shop, other than that, Causeway Bay is also nice option to have for more organized and modern area with major shopping destinations located there.

For Airport-City or City-Airport transportation, there are a few options. You can take taxi or MTR Airport Express for approximately 24 minutes to the city, or Cityflyer Airport bus.

Airport bus

On our trip, we took taxi from airport to city, and then on our way back from city to airport we took “Cityflyer Airport” bus, it was very convenient.

Inside the city, the most reliable transportation would be MTR or subway, you can purchase Single Journey MTR ticket every time you want to take MTR or you can purchase Octopus Card from the station office and add value to the card, it’s more convenient since you can use it for any transportation like bus, MTR, tram, or even for payment at minimart.


Mini bus

Ladies Market – Mongkok
Offering tons of stuff like clothing, souvenirs, toys, etc with more than 100 stalls. Ladies Market is the place to go if you’re looking to shop with bargain price, but make sure to practice your bargaining skill to get the best deal.

Strolling around Mongkok area
We love this area a lot since it’s packed with tons of shops, restaurants, cafes, street food. We can easily say it as a perfect one stop destination for shopping and eating. For comparison, it’s like Hong Kong version of Myeong-dong.

Star Ferry Pier
Our main reason visiting Star Ferry Pier was because we wanted to visit % Arabica Coffee’s outlet there, but it turned out to be a picturesque destination. There’s a huge shopping mall filled with various brands and cafes/ restaurants too.

1881 Heritage
On our way to Star Ferry Pier, we stumbled upon a beautiful building called 1881 Heritage that happens to be Hong Kong’s Cultural & Shopping Landmark that will transport the visitors to Victorian-era Hong Kong. Visitors can shop and dine at the shopping mall there.

During our visit to Hong Kong, we saw this tall skyscraper building that stands out among others. After a quick search on google map, we found out that there’s an observation deck known as the highest indoor observation deck in Hong Kong.

Without hesitation, we had an impromptu visit to SKY100. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places in Hong Kong to enjoy city view with 360-degree panoramic views from 100th floor at 393m above sea level. Remember to always check weather forecast before going to observation deck to make sure you can get a clear city view and get your money’s worth.

Riding Tram in Hong Kong Island
What’s the best way to experience Hong Kong? Exploring the city by riding the iconic trams that have been running for more than 100 years. The trams run from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan in Hong Kong Island area.

Causeway Bay
Any shopaholic would love Causeway Bay since it’s one of the major shopping districts in Hong Kong. You will find endless of shopping malls filled with trendy shops carrying both local and international brands from all around the world.

Stroll around Hollywood Street
One of the oldest streets in Hong Kong called Hollywood Street is famous for artsy galleries and antique shops. Also there are many artsy landmarks that make a great instagrammable photo spot so make sure you don’t miss it.

Victoria Peak
The peak is surely one of the most popular destinations in Hong Kong offering picturesque view of skyscrapers.

Avenue of Stars
Paying tribute to the stars that made positive impacts to Hong Kong’s movie industry, Avenue of Stars displays the handprint and statue of famous movie stars like Bruce Lee. However it’s currently closed for renovation works and scheduled to be completed in early 2019.

night view

Temple Street Market
Temple Street Market offers relatively similar sight as Ladies Market, typical HK style market. Expect to find stuffs like jade, souvenirs, antiques, etc there.

Mid-Levels Escalator – Central
If you happen to be in Central area, make sure to visit Mid-Levels Escalator. It is known as the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world with 800-metres in distance. This area is famously used for shooting location of many shows including Running Man if we’re not mistaken.

Aside from the list above, of course there are still many other places or activities to explore in Hong Kong. If you have any great recommendations, please don’t hesitate to share it on the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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