What’s Inside GLICO WINGS ICE CREAM Crunch & Sauce??

Hello ice cream lovers!! Ever since Glico Wings Ice Cream entered Indonesian market, they have managed to attract a lot of fans including us, many of you must have fallen in love with the ice cream.
Have you ever wondered, other than the variety and flavor, what does Glico Wings put inside the ice cream that makes it so special? Well, for AnakJajan, we gotta say that the Crunch and Sauce play a major part in making Glico Wings Ice Cream more fun and special, let’s take a closer look shall we?? 😉

Glico Wings Ice Cream offers wide range of variety but we can classify it into two categories, CRUNCH and SAUCE, the first one is to satisfy people who enjoys crunchy sensation #GlicoWingsCrunch and the latter one is for people who loves silky smooth sensation #GlicoWingsSauce .

By the way, Glico Wings Indonesia is having special #CrunchVsSauce competition that has started from May to July 2017 with interesting prizes; Oppo A37 Smartphone and IDR 300k phone credit (voucher pulsa) for WEEKLY PRIZE, then Fujifilm X-A3 and 4 Flight Tickets to Bali for GRAND PRIZE. Check the following blogpost for more info: https://anakjajan.com/2017/06/23/crunchvssauce-glico-wings-ice-cream/


Ok, back to the topic, first let’s talk about the crunch, one thing that we can say from #GlicoWingsCrunch is IT’S DIFFERENT! The crunch they use is not any ordinary item that you can find out there.

Basically there are many Glico Wings Ice Cream that can be categorized into #GlicoWingsCrunch such as; Haku Monaka Vanilla, Haku Crunchy Malt, Jcone Pari Pari Vanilla, Frostbite Pari Pari Vanilla, Frostbite Cup Pari Pari Vanilla, etc, and all of them give you a delightful crunchy sensation from the beginning till the end.

Some selections of #GlicoWingsCrunch have Pari Pari in the ice cream and you may be curious about it. Pari Pari is special thin Crispy Chocolate Layers produced using special machine that give a delightful crunchy texture in each bite as well as rich chocolate taste, it elevates the taste of ice cream texture and taste wise.

Just like these Frostbite Pari Pari Vanilla and Frostbite Cup Pari Pari Vanilla, besides the creamy smooth vanilla ice cream, they added layers of Crispy Chocolate Layers or Pari Pari as you can see from pictures below in generous amount so we get the crunchy sensation in each bite.

One of my most favorite ones is Jcone Pari Pari Vanilla, you wanna know why? While other cone ice cream out there only uses vanilla ice cream and maybe a bit of sauce, Glico Wings innovates their cone ice cream with Crispy Chocolate Layers both INSIDE AND OUTSIDE, wow that’s generous! Each bite gives you crunchy texture sensation and that makes it fun to eat from the beginning till the end.

Both Haku Monaka Vanilla and Haku Crunchy Malt are also highly addictive, smooth creamy and complemented perfectly with layer of crunchy chocolate for amazing texture.


Ok, let’s move to #GlicoWingsSauce, as yummy and as enjoyable as the crunchy ice cream are, many of you (well including us too) also enjoy smooth ice cream with playful sauce inside, well we cannot blame you since #GlicoWingsSauce is also has its own uniqueness such as Waku Waku Watermelon, Waku Waku Choco Bomb, Waku Waku Happy Soda, Frost Bite Kacang Hijau, and Frost Bite Strawberry Sauce.

When we talk about sauce in ice cream, we used to think about boring frozen ice cream, but Glico Wings simply brings the sauce ice cream game into the next level. Imagine having frozen cold ice cream with melting sauce in the middle, yess!! It’s that awesome!

As seen on pictures below, Waku Waku Watermelon, Waku Waku Choco Bomb, Waku Waku Happy Soda have literally SAUCE BOMB in the middle, when you bite the ice cream, melting sauce will ooze out from the middle. You’ll get Condensed Milk from Waku Waku Watermelon and Waku Waku Happy Soda, then Chocolate Sauce from Waku Waku Choco Bomb.

Frost Bite Strawberry Sauce is also another popular one, the strawberry sundae ice cream has strawberry sauce swirl generously from the top to the bottom.

Then Frost Bite Kacang Hijau is our new found love, AnakJajan love the way they incorporate Indonesian taste into ice cream with the use of Mung Bean or Indonesian calls it “Kacang Hijau”. To make it even more special, they added chocolate coating on the outside and special surprise on the inside which is melting Condense Milk sauce in the middle, DOUBLE YUMM!!

So, which one is your favorite?? Are you team #GlicoWingsCrunch or #GlicoWingsSauce?? Do you prefer sauce or crunchy sensation??

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