Málaga, Andalusia, Spain, one of the most memorable destinations in Spain that will always hold a special place in our hearts! If you’re planning to visit Spain, you have to put Malaga in your itinerary, it has a special and unique charm that will simply mesmerize you.

Located 2,5 hours of train ride from Madrid, Málaga is one of the oldest cities in the world in Andalucía region and it is known as the land of culture, sea, history and fiestas.

Málaga María Zambrano station

Málaga María Zambrano station

On the train ride to Malaga, you’ll get beautiful mountain and country side view to accompany you. Upon arriving to “Málaga María Zambrano “ train station, you will be welcomed by relaxed beach side city vibes.

As everyone says, first impression matters, AnakJajan had a great first impression for the city, for us, the whole city vibes just scream holiday😍

Málaga is located in southern Spain, on the northern side of the Mediterranean Sea, that explains the amazing landscape and panoramic views. It has a totally different vibes compared to other cities we’ve ever visited in Spain.

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Roman Theatre

Sercotel Málaga Hotel
Located strategically just across from our arrival “Málaga María Zambrano “ train station within walking distance. Sercotel Malaga Hotel has a modern, simple and neat decor. Next to the hotel, there’s a supermarket as well, it’s definitely a plus point!

lunch at hotel

Sercotel Málaga Hotel
Calle Héroe de Sostoa, 17, 29002 Málaga, Spain

Alcazaba of Málaga
Here it is, one of the most famous spots to visit in Málaga, spain. The Alcazaba is a palatial fortification that was built on a hill in the centre of the city, overlooking the port.

Visiting the Alcazaba feels like we travel back to the early 11th century, we’re totally impressed by how well they preserve the historical building, the architecture is sooo beautiful with stunning city and sea view.

During our visit, the Jacaranda flowers were fully bloomed as well, giving us an even more picturesque views with the purple-blueish flowers😍💜

Alcazaba of Málaga
Calle Alcazabilla, 2, 29012 Málaga, Spain

Calle Marqués de Larios
Located within walking distance to Alcazaba of Málaga, there’s a major shopping street for you all shopaholic, you can find major fashion brands, souvenir shops, cafes, as well as Heladeria Casa Mira, the best ice cream place in Málaga, the signature turron flavor is a must try!🍦

Calle Marqués de Larios, Málaga, Spain

Mirador Princess
Yay for panoramic city view, AnakJajan always get excited to see city view from height every time we travel and you can get it at Mirador Princess Ferris Wheel ride.

The cost for ferris wheel ride is EUR 10 for adult, or EUR 7 for children and seniors over 65, or free for small children. The ride takes approximately 15 minutes, during which the wheel makes three full turns make it enough time to enjoy the city view.

AnakJajan gotta say that experience riding Mirador Princess Ferris Wheel is totally worth it, you’ll get an AMAZING SCENIC CITY VIEWS from 70 meter-high. Too pretty and too fun to be missed!

Mirador Princess
Puerto de Málaga, Muelle de Heredia, s/n, 29001 Málaga, Spain
Open Hours: 11.00 – 00.00

Pompidou Museum
The world famous gallery Centre Pompidou has come to Málaga. The Pompidou art center in Paris is one of the greatest homes of twentieth century art, and now Malaga has it too.

With large glass cube and colorful building, you can easily spot the museum. It’s located within walking distance from Mirador Princess. We must admit that we’re not that artsy kind of person, but we enjoyed our visit there, the artworks are quirky, unique and very interesting.

Pompidou Museum
Pasaje Doctor Carrillo Casaux, s/n, Muelle Uno
Puerto de Málaga, 29016 Málaga, Spain

El Balneario
Our day ended beautifully at this gorgeous El Balneario restaurant located next to the sea. When you’re in Málaga, seafood is a must have. The fresh anchovies grilled over wood fire is a must have, sooo fresh with simple seasoning yet sooo delicious.

Everything was just perfect to end our trip in Malaga, the sea breeze, stunning sunset sky, delicious food. Ahhhh, writing this travel diary makes me miss the charming place even more.

El Balneario
Calle Bolivia, 26, 29017 Málaga, Spain

Malaga is indeed special, the mild climate, the beaches, the preserved culture, the amazing panoramic views, AnakJajan can totally understand why Málaga is one of Spain’s foremost holiday destinations, we highly recommend you to visit if you’re going to Spain. Thank you for reading #AnakJajanSPAIN travel diary in Malaga, stay tuned for another travel diaries. Let’s travel!!


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