What to do when you miss Japan so badly?? Well for us, there are two options, going to Japanese supermarket or Japanese restaurant. Sumiya Japanese restaurant in STC Senayan, South Jakarta is one of the option. The decor reminds us of Japan with touch of old-fashioned or traditional Japanese house, well that’s one of the main reasons why me and Mr. Jajan decided to visit the restaurant recently.

Sumiya serves all kinds of Japanese food from Nabe, Salad, Kushiyaki, Grilled Fish, Yakitori, Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Ricebowl, etc.

Jako Togarashi IDR 38k
Since we were craving for something salty to accompany our beer, we opted for Jako Togarashi or cooked dried fish with pepper. It was very yummy with pleasant aroma from the cooked pepper, only too salty for us to finish it.

Jako Togarashi IDR 38k

Renkon Tempura IDR 43k
The lotus root cut was a bit too thick and too greasy for tempura, but nevertheless it was still enjoyable.

Renkon Tempura IDR 43k

Geso Aspara Butter IDR 63k
As seen on the menu picture and description, it’s stir fried squid with asparagus but we were kinda let down cause they changed the asparagus with broccoli without telling us. Luckily this dish was yummy, the squid was nicely cooked with uber savory buttery yet garlicky seasoning.

Geso Aspara Butter IDR 63k

Shitake IDR 18k // Shishito IDR 16k
Grilled shitake mushroom, grilled green pepper.

Shishito IDR 16k // Shitake IDR 18k

Out of many dishes available, Yakitori is one of their signature dishes that you simply must have. There are vegetables, chicken, beef yakitori, as for seasoning you can get it salty or Shio (salt), or sweet or Tare (sauce). The Shishito was interesting, spicy yet addictive with delightful green pepper seasoning.

Negima IDR 18k // Tsukune IDR 19k
Grilled chicken thigh & leek, grilled chicken meatball

Negima IDR 18k // Tsukune IDR 19k

Tsukune and Negima are the classic ones that we always order, Tsukune is tender minced chicken meatballs, while Negima is juicy tender chicken thigh with aromatic leeks, both are highly recommended with Tare sauce.

Tebasaki IDR 18k
Grilled chicken wings
Out of all yakitori, the Tebasaki still remains our most favorite one. Just look at the nicely charred skin, crispy on the outside while tender on the inside, best with shio or salt seasoning.

Tebasaki IDR 18k

Sasami Shisho Ume IDR 19k
Grilled chicken breast with sour plum

Sasami Shisho Ume IDR 19k

Tori Momo Ponzu IDR 48k
Mr. Jajan’s fav dish, grilled chicken thigh with ponzu sauce and onion. The chicken thigh was nicely grilled, juicy tender with nice charred aroma complemented nicely with tangy light ponzu sauce.

Tori Momo Ponzu IDR 48k

Since we were craving for Izakaya style snacking and drinking scene, AnakJajan opted for some light bites and beer as seen above. Besides that, there are many options of heavy meal as well such as Nabe, Udon, Donburi, etc making it suitable both for dining or snacking.

STC Senayan IT Mall Ground Floor 128
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Gelora Senayan
Phone: +622157931826
Opening Hours: 11.30 – 14.30, 18.00 – 23.00


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