DEPOT GIMBO BABI ASAP – Muara Karang, Jakarta

Babi Asap Hotplate IDR 45k

Depot Gimbo is one of the must visit spots in Bali for pork and se’i lovers, and you know what? They have recently opened an outlet in Muara Karang, YESSS DEPOT GIMBO IS NOW OPEN IN JAKARTA!!

Well this is a super fresh news since AnakJajan visited Depot Gimbo Jakarta literally on their 1st day of opening which was yesterday 1st Oct 2017 and we just cannot wait to share the news with all of you Sahabat Jajan.

Just a quick info, Depot Gimbo is a humble eatery in Bali that is famous for their signature dishes especially Se’i or smoked meat from East Nusa Tenggara. There are several outlets in Bali, as for the newly opened Depot Gimbo Jakarta, it is located on Muara Karang Raya street right next to Maspion Bank, you can simply follow the map at the end of this post.

Babi Asap/ Se’i Babi IDR 65k
Se’i is a typical smoked meat from East Nusa Tenggara where they use variety of spices on the smoked meat to get the unique taste, the most popular se’i meat is pork and it’s what Depot Gimbo is famous for. You can order the pork se’i as it is (available in 1/4, 1/2, or 1kg) and eat it with rice. You can also get the smoked pork in vacummed packaging for IDR 250k for 1KG.

Babi Asap/ Se’i Babi IDR 65k

Babi Asap/ Se’i Babi IDR 65k

Babi Asap Hotplate IDR 45k
Here it is the most popular dish, pork se’i sauteed with onion and served over hotplate. AnakJajan personally prefer this version more since the meat tends to be more tender and fragrant on sizzling hot plate. The meat is quite lean and tender with savory smoky aroma that’s not too overpowering. Just nice when enjoyed with a plate of rice.

Babi Asap Hotplate IDR 45k

Babi Asap Hotplate IDR 45k

Daun Singkong Bunga Pepaya IDR 35k
For veggie dish, there are several options and AnakJajan opted for sauteed cassava leaves and papaya flower. Mr. Jajan says that it was enjoyable and nicely cooked but for me personally it was wayyyy too bitter to be enjoyable (yeahh I’m still newbie when it comes to eating veggie😆).

Daun Singkong Bunga Pepaya IDR 35k

Babi Goreng IDR 40k
The smoked pork is available in deep fried version as well and AnakJajan gotta admit we quite love it. The pork was tender and smoky with nice garlic aroma, the only downside was the garlic, during our visit it was burnt and bitter since they deep fried it for too long.

Babi Goreng IDR 40k

Sate Babi Asap IDR 40k/ 5pcs
Another favorite, grilled pork skewers in sweet soy sauce. Love the fact that the meat is super chunky, meaty, and tender. It tastes different compared to other pork skewer since they use smoked pork meat which was very delightful.

Sate Babi Asap IDR 40k/ 5pcs

Overall, AnakJajan gotta say that Depot Gimbo is a simple modest eatery that serves unpretentious dishes that simply cannot fail to satisfy. It tastes pretty much the same with Bali’s outlet with only just a few minor improvements to do, now you won’t need to fly to Bali anymore to get your cravings fixed.

Depot Gimbo
Jl. Muara karang Raya no. 35
North Jakarta, 14450
Phone: +6221-22665626
Instagram: @depotgimbo

Jl. Imam Bonjol 350
Denpasar, Bali

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