Choosing the right refrigerator for some people might be a small deal, but for us foodies it’s quite a serious deal. Refrigerator is one of the major kitchen appliances, most households tend to purchase refrigerator for use in the long term so choosing the right and perfect one would be an important decision to make.

There are a few factors that you should totally consider when choosing the right refrigerator, first is design, and the size and space inside, then the features.

For me and Mr. Jajan, having a nice looking and well-design refrigerator is a plus point since it will make our house look nicer. We have been using LG Linear Top Freezer for a while, the premium looking Curved Black Glass Door is very chic we gotta admit, aside from looking sleek it also has a higher resistance to scratches.

Since we love to stock many food at our home, having sufficient and spacious refrigerator space is important and LG Linear Top Freezer has just the right size. Love the fact that it’s equipped with several compartments to provide the right humidity for groceries.

When keeping fruits and vegetables, the freshness is certainly a main concern and AnakJajan think that LG Linear Top Freezer is doing quite a great job in keeping it fresh thanks to the Moist Balance Crisper feature, it provides the fruit and vegetable optimal moisture to make it fresh longer. There’s another helpful feature called Fresh 0 Zone that helps keeping the freshness of fish and meat in a longer period of time. When we open the refrigerator, there’s no un- pleasant smell at all since it has Hygiene Fresh+ feature that eliminates germs and odors up to 99.999%. Well, three of our major concerns are totally solved with those features!

Here’s a Vegetables Orchestra video for you to watch, you’ll be surprised by melodious sound made from fresh vegetables.

Aside from that, LG Linear Top Freezer many other features that actually work and useful for us personally. Linear Cooling to save more electricity with its new Linear Inverter, and then Door Cooling for fast cooling process and provide a balanced temperature in every corner of the compartment, then last but not least Internal Constant Temperature Control to keeping the temperature fluctuations at ± 0.5 ° Celsius.

Door Cooling
Pull-out Tray

A while ago, LG Electronics Indonesia held LG Linear Challenge where chef Rinrin Marinka shared tips on how to keep your food in the fridge as well as live Vegetables Orchestra performance, here’s link of video from the event https://www.facebook.com/LGEIndonesia/videos/1477934695587514/

Well, that’s all of our experience using LG Linear Top Freezer In overall, gotta say that we’re impressed by how well the fridge works as well as the chic de- sign and the helpful features that we actually need.


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