Any yoghurt lovers should pay attention to this, yessss Greenfields has launched new yoghurt products, Greenfields Yoghurt with 4 variants; Original, Mango, Blueberry, and Strawberry.

As we all know, Greenfields is well known for their dairy based products and one of them that we consume all the time is Greenfields Milk. I think we can all agree that Greenfields produces no doubt great quality of product that’s why the launching of their new Yoghurt is an exciting news.

AnakJajan recently joined the launching event of Greenfields Yogurt and it was fun, we learned that the products has many benefits for our bodies, besides good for digestion it is also good for our skin.

With 4 flavors available, Greenfields Yogurt comes in 3 packaging; 125gr, 500gr, and 1kg. It turned out that aside from enjoying it as it is, Greenfields Yogurt can be enjoyed in many fun and creative ways. During the event, chef Odie Djamil showed us some ideas for creative yoghurt based creations.

He made Mango Yogurt Mascarpone Mouse with Greenfields Yogurt Mango and Spirulina Green Lassi with Greenfields Yogurt Original. Both are amazingly yummy with nice pretty presentation.

Greenfields Yogurt Original
After tasting it, AnakJajan must say that we love the consistency, it’s thick but not overly thick with smooth and soft texture. Taste wise, it has just the right level of creaminess and well balanced taste between sweet and sour. The classic original flavor is surely the most versatile one since it can be used in many ways.

Greenfields Yogurt Mango
One thing that we love from Greenfields Yogurt is the use of REAL FRUITS in their product, gotta give Greenfields Yogurt a plus point for that! For mango flavor, they use mango puree, we can totally get the fresh fruity taste in it.

Greenfields Yogurt Strawberry
Strawberry is always a classic flavor that we would never get bored with. As you can see from picture below, for Greenfields Yogurt Strawberry, there are small bits of fresh strawberry bits in the yoghurt as well.

Greenfields Yogurt Blueberry
Out of 4 flavors, blueberry is our most favorite one. It comes with chunks of Nata de Coco and fresh blueberry bits. The taste of blueberry complements the yoghurt nicely, it’s seriously sooo addictive!

As we all know Smoothie Bowl is totally trending nowadays and it can be made from yoghurt. During the event we had a chance to turn Greenfields Yogurt into new smoothie bowl creations with some other ingredients to enhance the taste and texture. The smoothie bowl making process was easy, fun, and yummy too.

Overall, AnakJajan personally can easily agree that Greenfields Yogurt is one of our favorites. Great consistency, well-balanced taste, great flavor options. Give it a try and let us know which one is your favorite?

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