Kia ora! Here it is one of the most requested travel guides recently, New Zealand Travel Guides: Tips, Budget, Visa, Internet, Car Rental, Hotel, etc.

ENDLESSLY CHARMING! That’s what AnakJajan think about the beautiful country after our first visit on August 2017, no wonder it has starting to be more and more popular travel destination for Indonesian.

AnakJajan personally are more of city kind of travelers, we just love exploring cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, etc, We love the busy and lively vibes we get from big city.
That’s why we didn’t have any high expectation from our trip to New Zealand, but it left us awed, BEYOND OUR EXPECTATION😍

We love every single moment in NZ, in fact we can say that our trip to New Zealand was one of THE MOST MEMORABLE AND RELAXING TRIPS EVER!!

Coming back from NZ, AnakJajan honestly felt like new happy person, our minds were almost 100% free from stress (even though I LOST MY LUGGAGE FOR 3 FREAKING DAYS, you can read about it on following link https://anakjajan.com/2017/11/07/airport-flight-drama-diary-travel-tips-trick/ ). The fresh air, the magnificent picturesque scenery, the blue skies, the relaxing vibes, we loved it so much we just can’t wait to be back!

Our #AnakJajanNEWZEALAND was a spontaneous decision, all of sudden our relatives asked us whether we want to join them for Winter trip to NZ, we instantly said yes because it won’t be fun if it’s just the two of us, also we were super stress-out and we need a break. The trip happened on 2nd to 3rd week of August 2017.

In this post, we decided to share with you some information we gathered during our trip, hopefully it can help you planning your trip to NZ.😊


First of all, driving license. The best way to enjoy NZ is ROAD TRIP, you can either rent a car or camper van. But before that of course make sure to get you International Driving License first.

Driving in NZ is not difficult as long as you understand the roadsigns, it’s pretty much the same in Indonesia with the driver sitting on right seat.

It’s easy to navigate in NZ, you can use the help of google map, but if you have satellite GPS at home, you can bring and use it there. Our relative bought his Garmin GPS and use it to guide him throughout the trip.

In Jakarta, the process of getting International Driving License is pretty easy and quick, you can get it done in less than 30 minutes.

First, make sure to prepare and bring ALL the documents needed:
– Driving License (SIM) + photocopy
– ID Card (KTP) + photocopy
– Passport + photocopy
– 3 Photo 4x6cm with blue background
– Materai IDR 6,000
The cost is IDR 250,000 for new, or IDR 225k for renewal.

The office is at Korlantas Polri SIM International in M.T.Haryono street. Upon arriving, get yourself queue number, handover your documents and pay the fee. Wait to be called to get your photo and fingerprints taken. Then in a while, you’ll get your International Driving License document.


We bought our flight ticket from Jakarta to Christchurch one way (because we are going to visit relatives on Sydney afterwards), it was IDR 7.5mio/ person from Qantas (Jakarta-Singapore-Sydney-Christchurch). Recently New Zealand tourism are starting to do many promotions in Indonesia aggressively, you can get approximately IDR 5-7mio (roundtrip).

NZ Driving Tips in Air New Zealand flight

Our ticket to Queenstown to Sydney was very expensive since it was a spontaneous trip, it was NZ$486.25 /person. AnakJajan suggest you to hunt for cheap ticket promo long time before your travel date.


There are many car/ campervan rental companies in NZ. AnakJajan rented out car from EZI car rental, we booked and pay it via website.

The cost for car rental is approximately NZ$100/ car (depends on the car type) + NZ$25 for full cover insurance (we suggest you to get full cover insurance).

AnakJajan decided to rent SUV and spend the night in villa for more relaxing experience instead of sleeping in campervan. Lucky us, we got literally new SUV for 4 of us, it costed us NZ$132/ day (car NZ$107, insurance NZ$25).

We picked our car from Christchurch, drove all way down to Queenstown and return it at Queenstown airport. Easy and practical.

rental car return spot in Queenstown airport


The cost of accommodation of course 100% BASED ON YOUR BUDGET & LIFESTYLE, you can either get a super cheap affordable one or fancy one. Soooo our accommodation below is only for your reference.

Christchurch – Hotel Ibis, NZ$118 per night (up to 4 people)
This was our first accommodation, we started our trip from Christchurch, it was a just a typical business hotel, nothing fancy. But one thing that AnakJajan will never forget is the helpful staffs, they helped us a lot in following-up our missing luggage to the airport staff.

For Airbnb, you can use our reference link www.airbnb.com/c/juliav6894 to get Free US$26 travel credit.

Twizel – Airbnb Cottage, NZ$262 per night (up to 4 people)
On our way from Christchurch to Queenstown, we spent a night in Twizel. The house was nice homey with 2 bedrooms and fully equipped kitchen.

Queenstown – Airbnb Home NZ$440 per night (up to 6 people)
This was THE BEST AIRBNB we’ve ever stayed, the house is literally sooo huge, with 3 bedrooms, huge window opening overlooking lake and mountains, fully equipped kitchen, bathtub with lake and mountain views, etc. It was very homey and lovely.

view from balcony

Avalon, Queenstown – Airbnb Container Home NZ$406 per night (up to 6 people)
The decor on this one was more on the modern side, you will need to climb stairs to the 2nd floor to enter the home, so we won’t recommend it to family with children. It has amazing balcony facing lake and mountains and we can literally see milkyway from our balcony.

Nowadays there are many Wifi portable vendors popping out, we recommend you to get one wifi portable (around IDR 120k/day with 1GB quota/day) it can be used for sharing up to 4 devices.

Besides that you can get Tourist Simcard at the airport arrival area, it costs around NZD 29 for 1GB only + 200mins calls + 200 texts, or NZD 99 for 8GB + unlimited calls + 200 texts.

We used XL Pass but the connection was HORRIBLE from the first till last day in NZ (we had great internet connection in HK, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore though), we cannot even open map or Instagram with XL Pass in NZ, sadddd!

Please note that New Zealand has pretty much similar season with Australia, that means Winter time starts from June. The country has 4 season:
Spring – September, October, November.
Summer – December, January, February.
Autumn – March, April, May.
Winter – June, July, August.


Visitor visa is around IDR 2.2mio/ person with 2 options: online submission or paper submission via VFS Global, it takes within 25 working days.

Since we’re married, we only paid IDR 2.2mio for husband and +IDR 50k for wife, if you apply NZ Visa for family, it surely costs cheaper. Lucky us we got 3 years of visa, well another reason to revisit NZ 😀

For more info about it, you can check following link http://www.vfsglobal.com/newzealand/indonesia/english/visitor_visa.html


Eating in NZ is around 10-20 NZD per person. For your reference, here are the list of our spendings for 9days in New Zealand from 11-19 August 2017:
– Jakarta – Christchurch flight IDR 7.55mio/ person
– Queenstown – Sydney flight NZ$486.25/ person
– Sydney – Jakarta flight NZ$158.6/ person
– Hotel Ibis Christchurch NZ$354/3 nights/4 persons
– Twizel airbnb NZ$262/1 night/4 persons
– Queenstown airbnb NZ$880/2 nights/4 persons
– Queenstown container airbnb NZ$1,217.55/3 nights/4 persons
– Car Rental (13-20 Aug 2017) NZ$925/ car/ 4 persons
– Miscellaneous (gas, food, coffee, snacks, shopping, onsen hotpool, etc) NZ$ 1,500/ 2 persons

Soooo in total, we spent around NZ$3,300/ person/ 9 days. Let us remind you again, BUDGET IS 100% UP TO YOUR LIFESTYLE, you can either spend much less or much more, so these list are just an example from our trip for your reference.

Ok, you’ve reached the end of our first NZ Travel Guide, next post would be about our NZ Itinerary, we’ll share the beautiful destinations we visited in NZ, meanwhile you can check our hashtags on Instagram #AnakJajanNEWZEALAND.

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  1. Hi, love your new zealand post! Wanna ask when is your NZ itinerary will be posted? Looking forward to it! Coz i will be in NZ in this year! Thankyou!

  2. Penginapan di Queenstown emang mahal-mahal banget yaa. Pusing nyari yg terjangkau 😀
    Please share your itinerary in Queenstown.

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