YOFORIA – Refreshing Yoghurt Drink

Do you still remember the happening Yoforia Yogurt Studio pop up cafe in Bandung last year? Well, now Yoforia is now available in ready-to-drink packaging called YOFORIA – Refreshing Yoghurt Drink and we’re totally obsessed with it.

Yoforia ready-to-drink has been around for a while and you can easily find it at nearest supermarket or minimart. In case if you haven’t try it, let’s take a close look at the product, we’ll show you the reasons why we’re obsessed with it.

If you’ve visited Japan, ready-to-drink products in Japan’s convenient store always look so tempting in terms of packaging, yet the packaging is very practical to open for consumption and Yoforia has all the good aspects.

Judging from the packaging, AnakJajan are sure that the design is carefully selected, it looks simple yet visually very pleasing just like typical Japanese products. It looks like take-out cups from cafes or coffee shops, AnakJajan can easily say that it’s one of a few ready-to-drink products in Indonesia that look instagrammable.

For comsumption, it can be easily enjoyed simply by opening the seal and drink it from the lid. In terms of taste, Yoforia fits our tastebuds nicely, it has just the right consistency making it easy to sip. It has a well-balanced taste, not to sweet and not too sour.

There are 3 flavors available; Yoforia Peach Delight, Berry Smooth, and Coffee Cream.

Yoforia Peach Delight has a nice hint of fruity taste with delightful peach aroma, while Yoforia Berry Smooth has hint of refreshing sour taste typical strawberry.

Out of 3 flavors, Yoforia Coffee Cream is our most favorite one. Yoforia certainly did a great job in combining yoghurt and coffee because it tastes amazing, it feels like drinking creamy coffee drink with subtle hint of yoghurt tangy taste, interesting yet tasty.

Aside from consuming it right away, AnakJajan tried to make popsicle with Yoforia and it turned out to be a nice yummy icy treat that’s perfect for hot sunny day.

So, have you tried Yoforia yet? Which team are you? Coffee Cream? Peach Delight? Berry Smooth?

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