TRAVEL TIPS for Finding Best Flight Ticket Price with Price Alerts

Entering the end of 2017, it’s the beginning of end-year holiday season. Christmas decoration has begun to display, the holiday movies and songs has started playing. So what’s your plan for end year holiday? Have you planned your trip yet?
When it comes to travel planning, getting cheapest flight ticket that matches the budget is definitely number one most important thing to do, don’t you think so?

As we all know, flight ticket has a fluctuating price, it keeps changing time by time and it can be hard to keep tracking for the cheapest price since we cannot monitor it all the time. To answer traveller’s needs, Traveloka App has come with new feature called Price Alerts.

AnakJajan’ve been trying to use it recently, and we find it very useful and worth sharing with you all. So basically Price Alerts is one of features at Traveloka App that can help the user to find the cheapest flight price.

As you all know, AnakJajan recently spent winter holiday in New Zealand. To our surprise, #AnakJajanNEWZEALAND trip was one of THE MOST memorable and relaxing trips we’ve ever had. New Zealand has a spectacular scenery, sooo beautiful no words can describe.

We explored the south area where we had a road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown. The nature is just sooo picturesque, lucky us we got 2 full snowy days even though it was already the end of winter season.

The sky is sooo clear and blue, not the mention the clean and fresh air, you can totally tell that we enjoyed every single day in New Zealand.

We have never felt soooo relaxed in a long time. Everything was just wondrous and we can’t wait to be back and start planning another trip, hopefully for autumn season.

As preparation, the first thing to do is to track and find the cheapest flight ticket with the help of Price Alerts feature in Traveloka App.

The Price Alerts is very easy to use, all we need to do is just to set our destination, budget and date, then the app will do the rest for us with its smart tracking.

When the ticket price goes up or down, we will get an Instant Notification based on the setting (daily or weekly notification), in that way we can book the flight with the best price at the right time.

The result from Price Alerts is super detailed, it shows the Best Flight Fare within the budget as well as Price Trend analysis.

Well, cheap ticket hunting has never been more convenient before Price Alerts. It’s a helpful feature that we honestly think is amazing! The answer to our problem this whole time we gotta say, give it a try and let us know what do you think about it😉 For more travel tips and recommendations, check following link

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