DOG MOUSSE CAKE – C for Cupcakes & Coffee, Jakarta

Here it is, as requested, a review of the happening Puppy or Dog Shaped Mousse Cake at C for Cupcakes & Coffee shop in Pluit area, North Jakarta.

UPDATE: Check our new review to see their new menu and decor

After returning from long trip recently, AnakJajan received quite a lot of review requests for this newly opened cafe. To answer everyone’s curiosity, we immediately scheduled a visit.

It’s located in Pluit area, the same row as Bakpau A1. The cafe offers various coffee and non coffee beverages with a few food selection like rice, noodle and cakes.

The store decor is aesthetically eye pleasing and super instagrammable with earth tone color, rattan ornaments, swing and dried flowers, no wonder it becomes a major OOTD spot.

Hot Chocolate IDR 40k
Since we’re going to have meeting at coffeeshop, we decided to skip coffee order.

I’m a sucker for cute presentation, the reason we ordered this drink is because the cute doggy shaped chocolate & marshmallow. So basically you need to put the doggy on top of hot chocolate to let it melt before slurping it.

Rabbit Pie IDR 42k
Basically it’s a lemon curd pie topped with yoghurt based mousse topping so you’ll get a nice sweet and sour taste. The tart shell is also nicely made, buttery and slightly crunchy.

Bulldog Mousse IDR 68k
Here it is, the talk of the town, the realistic looking doggy cake. It has nice details in it, at glance it looks like dog display ornament instead of cake. Since it’s available in limited amount everyday, if this is the main reason of your visit, you better come early before it sells out. Our cake order took forever to be served, it took around 30minutes, we’re not sure why though.

I gotta admit cutting the cake feels so wrong since it looks so cute, but well a cake is a cake. The dark chocolate mousse cake tastes actually pretty good, soft smooth with rich bitter sweet chocolate taste and interesting crunchy texture in the middle. Not only cute but enjoyable as well, so we gotta say that it’s worth trying.

C for Cupcakes & Coffee
Jl. Pluit Karang Utara no. 52
North Jakarta , 14450
Phone: +6281315879119


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