From Kyoto, Japan, % ARABICA Coffee Shop’s new outlets are opening soon in Singapore and Jakarta.

% Arabica remains Mr. Jajan’s favorite in Japan since our first visit in 2014. Back then, it wasn’t that crowded yet, now % Arabica is getting popular and expanding fast to so many countries including Singapore in Arab Street, and Jakarta in District 8 SCBD soon in 2019.

In Japan, you can only find % Arabica in Kyoto at Higashiyama, Arashiyama, & Fujii Daimaru. Every time AnakJajan visit Kyoto, we always put % Arabica in out must visit list.

Known as one of Kyoto’s best preserved historic districts. Higashiyama is a unique place to go with all the traditional old houses and buildings, narrow lanes. It’s both charming and instagrammable where % Arabica’s flagship store located near Yasaka Pagoda.

% Arabica Higashiyama is quite small and since it’s a touristy area, prepare yourself for long queue.

% Arabica Arashiyama might be the most popular outlet since it’s located right in front of river, you get to enjoy coffee with scenic view.

For a quick coffee run, we would suggest you to visit % Arabica Fujii Daimaru outlet since it’s the least crowded with the least queue, situated inside shopping mall.

% Arabica Fujii Daimaru
% Arabica Fujii Daimaru

Outside Japan, AnakJajan have tried % Arabica Hong Kong and honestly it wasn’t as good as the one we had in Japan. It turned out to be below our expectation.


As much as AnakJajan’re excited for the upcoming % Arabica Singapore and Indonesia, we hope they maintain the quality and standard at their new outlet.

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