SIMHAE – IDR 99K KOREAN BBQ All You Can Eat, Jakarta

ALL YOU CAN EAT (AYCE) Korean BBQ for only IDR 99k NETT?? What’s there not to love?! To answer our curiosity, AnakJajan immediately give Simhae Korean BBQ in Pluit a visit to see if the AYCE place worth trying or not.

Simhae’s first outlet is located inside KAKAKUKU Pluit, it opens from 11.00 to 23.00. We heard that another franchised outlet is coming soon, also Halal outlet is in planning too. (FYI, Simhae Pluit serves pork).

OK, let’s start with the price, there are 2 packages, Standard IDR 99K NETT or Premium IDR 119k NETT for 90 minutes AYCE session.

For beef, they use Australian and US beef. Standard IDR 99k package includes Beef, Chicken, Fish and Pork meat (Woosamgyeob, Samgyeopsal, Bulgogi, Dakgogi, Galmaegisal, Saengseon), Side Dishes (rice, kimchi, lettuce, garlic, onion), and Ocha,. Premium IDR 119k is quite similar with Standard but you will get additional Premium Beef option and also more drink option (Sjora, Iced Milo, Iced Lemon Tea).


Here are our tips for best eating experience:
1. First choose the package, AnakJajan gotta say that IDR 119k Premium is worth upgrading. Since it’s self service, you can head to the fridge and counter to take all the meat and side dishes. Specially for premium beef, pork belly or samgyeopsal, and all marinated meat, you can order it directly to the staff.

Premium Beef

2. All the meat are available in marinated version, AnakJajan highly recommend you to get marinated meat since it’s more tasteful.

Marinated Premium Beef

3. Grilled kimchi!! Besides eating fresh kimchi, you can grill it for different flavor sensation. Mr. Jajan prefers grilled kimchi more.

4. Don’t forget to dip the grilled meat in samjang sauce for extra flavor kick. You can wrap meat, lettuce, samjang and kimchi with lettuce too.

Overall, we gotta say that Simhae did quite a good job with their affordable Korean BBQ AYCE concept, the BBQ was palatable and enjoyable. Considering the affordable price and the taste, AnakJajan honestly gotta say that Simhae is worth visiting.

Simhae Korean BBQ All You Can Eat
Jl. Pluit Utara Raya No.62
Opening Hours: 11.00-23.00
Instagram: @simhae.indonesia

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