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What’s Inside GLICO WINGS ICE CREAM Crunch & Sauce??

Hello ice cream lovers!! Ever since Glico Wings Ice Cream entered Indonesian market, they have managed to attract a lot of fans including us, many of you must have fallen in love with the ice cream.
Have you ever wondered, other than the variety and flavor, what does Glico Wings put inside the ice cream that makes it so special? Well, for AnakJajan, we gotta say that the Crunch and Sauce play a major part in making Glico Wings Ice Cream more fun and special, let’s Continue reading What’s Inside GLICO WINGS ICE CREAM Crunch & Sauce??


Hello ice cream lovers!! Any Glico Wings ice cream fans here?! We got you an interesting info, Glico Wings is currently having a competition called #CrunchVsSauce and you can get a chance to win interesting Weekly and Grand Prizes. Continue reading #CrunchVsSauce – GLICO WINGS ICE CREAM