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[JAPAN] Exploring Harajuku – Omotesando – Aoyama Tokyo


Hello, time to continue our Japan trip story. I know that it has been a while since the last time we published Japan travel post on our blog, actually there are still soooo many things that we want to share. Continue reading [JAPAN] Exploring Harajuku – Omotesando – Aoyama Tokyo

Chippy Happy Food


Two weeks ago, AnakJajan met Gracia – Social Media Officer from Gandaria City and she brought us to try some new places to eat at Gandaria City Mall. There are several new F&B tenants including Chippy Happy Food. Chippy Happy Food is a famous snack shop at Singapore serving finger food or street food a la British and now they have opened their first branch in Indonesia – Gandaria City Mall.
Continue reading Chippy Happy Food

Something Fresh And Healthy from Dill Gourmet Cafe


Cold-Pressed Juice has become such a hot trend lately in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. And now it’s available at Dill Gourmet Cafe.
Continue reading Something Fresh And Healthy from Dill Gourmet Cafe

KOGI KOGI Korean BBQ Restaurant


Fresh from the grill!! AnakJajan gonna share you info about a Korean BBQ restaurant that literally just opened yesterday!!
KOGI KOGI means ‘daging-daging’ or ‘meat and meat’, they offer ‘all you can eat‘ homestyle cooking Korean BBQ with all-natural ingredients. Continue reading KOGI KOGI Korean BBQ Restaurant

MOJO Kitchen & Bar – Senopati Jakarta


MOJO Kitchen and Bar serves Californian cuisine. Many of you probably don’t know what is Californian cuisine? Californian cuisine is a style of fusion cuisine influenced by French, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc cuisine resulting many kind of new and interesting dishes.

That’s why you will find the food at MOJO are mostly western with Mexican and Korean twist from the appetizer, main course till dessert with price range IDR 15k – IDR 165k per portion.

MOJO also have quite a lot of choice of drink from alcohol to non alcohol with price range IDR 20k – IDR 250k per glass. Continue reading MOJO Kitchen & Bar – Senopati Jakarta

[JAPAN] Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Flower Palfet 918 Yen
Flower Palfet 918 Yen

Aoyama Flower Market is one of the famous flower shop you can easily find at Tokyo – Japan. Everytime I walk pass an Aoyama Flower Market shop, I will always stop for a while and feast my eyes with those beautiful flowers they have. I just simply love the decoration and flower arrangement there. Continue reading [JAPAN] Aoyama Flower Market Tea House

Twelve Cupcakes

Rainbow Vanilla IDR 20k
Rainbow Vanilla IDR 20k

As cute as it looks, cupcake has to be tasty also, don’t you agree?? That’s why you should try cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes.
Twelve Cupcakes yang berasal dari Singapura menawarkan aneka freshly bake cupcakes yang tidak hanya sedap dipandang tetapi juga sedap dimulut 🙂

Booth Central Park Mall
Booth Central Park Mall

Harga sebuah cupcake dibanderol IDR 20k/pcs, IDR 115k/half dozen (6pcs), dan IDR 220k/dozen (12pcs), dan untuk ‘Special Flavors’ dikenakan biaya tambahan + IDR 4k/ pcs. Setiap hari selalu tersedia 12 rasa ‘Everyday Flavors’, dengan 4 ‘Special Flavors’ yang selalu diganti (3 special flavor of the day dan 1 special flavor of the month). Selain itu Twelve Cupcakes juga menerima special request topping dengan tambahan logo atau bentuk topping tertentu serta warna icing yang bisa disesuaikan dengan tema event. Continue reading Twelve Cupcakes