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 naked press granola

Heyhoooo Sahabat Jajan, do you still remember our previous blogpost about Detox Program with Cold Pressed Juice from Naked Press? This time, AnakJajan are going to introduce a new product by Naked Press, something healthy that you can chew! Yes, it’s granola, Naked Vanilla Blueberry Granola to be exactly. Continue reading NAKED PRESS – GRANOLA [New Product]


naked press

Maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle is very important especially for us all who have a busy life and love food hunting. To balance all the guilty food we had, we always make sure to provide enough nutrients for our body with sufficient fruit and vegetable intake like cold pressed juice. Continue reading NAKED PRESS JUICERY

Something Fresh And Healthy from Dill Gourmet Cafe


Cold-Pressed Juice has become such a hot trend lately in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. And now it’s available at Dill Gourmet Cafe.
Continue reading Something Fresh And Healthy from Dill Gourmet Cafe