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Snowbowl Dessert – PIK


Snowbowl dessert located at Pantai Indah Kapuk area, across from the Waterbom PIK. You can easily spot their shop with a catchy white snow building exterior.
According to the name Snowbowl, you easily can guess what kind of menu they are offering rite? Yup, Snowbowl specialize in 100% natural ice dessert. Continue reading Snowbowl Dessert – PIK

SumoBOo – Dessert


Yayyy super cute dessert house has just opened at PIK area, nama tempatnya SumoBoo. SumoBoo menawarkan aneka dessert. Varian dessert disini banyak variasinya, mulai dari dessert seperti ala Taiwanese Dessert, Kakigori, Grass Jelly, Snow Ice, Mixed Pudding, Coconut Soup, Parfait, Ice Cream hingga Mochi, kemudian selain dessert juga tersedia Continue reading SumoBOo – Dessert