[RECIPE] Panda Japanese Curry Rice

panda curry

Hiiiii, it has been a while since the last time AnakJajan post recipe blog post 🙂 This time we will share easy yet tasty Japanese Curry Rice Recipe. Besides restaurant/cafe and travel blog posts, we usually love to share recipe blog post too, you can see list of our recipe post here https://anakjajan.com/category/type/homecook-recipe/

Some Japanese food are super easy to cook, for example Japanese Curry Rice is one of the easiest one, you just need to buy the sauce mix, put it on a pan with water, meat and vegetable then voila a portion of thick delicious Japanese Curry rice is ready to be served.

panda curry

Actually AnakJajan shared Japanese Curry Rice recipe two years ago on our blog, but this time I made my curry cute.

AnakJajan always love to see pinterest and instagram, one of the main reason is because some of the posts can be quite inspiring, we recently saw some posts from a cafe/restaurant abroad serving their curry rice with panda rice ball, so we thought why not try making our own at home.

panda curry

The most important thing from this dish is Curry Mix Sauce, usually a small box of curry sauce (125gr) cost you around IDR 30-40k per box, and each box can be used to cook around 4-5 portions of curry rice, imagine how much a portion of Curry Rice at restaurant usually cost??

panda curry

AnakJajan usually use Golden Curry brand you can see the packaging from our last post two years ago but this time we tried Vermont Curry with a touch of apple and honey and medium spicy level (3 of 5). You can easily find this kind of Japanese curry mix sauce at any supermarket.

panda curry

Curry RECIPE (for 1 portion)

1 bar of curry sauce mix (±30gr)
1/4 onion, sliced
1 potato, dice cut (±60gr)
1 tbspn oil
2 tbspn mixed vegetables (pea, carrot, corn)
200ml water
1tbspn ketchup (tomato sauce)

1. Sautee potato, vegetable and onion with oil until lightly browned.
panda curry
2. Add curry sauce mix and water, bring to full boil.
panda curry
panda curry
3. Cook over medium low heat around 20 minutes until curry thickens.
panda curry
panda curry

Panda Rice Ball RECIPE
Rice (4 full tbspn of rice for each rice ball)

1. Cut nori seaweed for the eyes, nose, mouth and body.
panda curry
2. Put around 4 full tablespoons of rice on top plastic wrap and roll it.
panda curry
3. Put the nori seaweed on rice ball, use tweezers to help assembling the nori.
panda curry

If you want your rice ball easier to make and tastier, you can buy Japanese rice, but if you don’t have, AnakJajan have a tips for you, you can try mixing glutinous rice with normal rice with a ratio of 1 glutinous rice : 5 rice (example, 50gr of glutinous rice : 250gr of rice), mix the rice and then cook it, in the end you will get a sticker rice texture like Japanese rice.

panda curry

That’s the basic of curry rice recipe, you can add additional ingredients based on your preference such as chicken/ beef or maybe katsu or melting cheese on top your curry rice. Super easy rite? Let’s cook!!

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21 thoughts on “[RECIPE] Panda Japanese Curry Rice”

  1. mau juga donk dimasakinnn….kalo gw biasanya pake beef. terus kata temen gw, ditambahin potongan rawit juga enak, biar makin pedes hehe

      1. iya biasanya gw pakai beef, kentang sama wortel 😀 pilih curry sauce nya yang paling pedas haha..nah kapan2 gw coba deh pake chicken katsu

  2. The curry block is my savior when there isn’t any food in the fridge hehe. Biasanya gue tambahin instant chicken karaage/katsu. Panda-nya super lucu! >o<

  3. barusan ke farmers market, udah diubek2 dan dibantu 2 stafnya.. gak nemu tuh curry sauce mix.. batal deh cobain wiken ini.. bisa lebih spesifik belinya di mana? initial tmptnya aja biar gak dikira promo.. thx 🙂

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