Chinese New Year is just around the corner. To anticipate the upcoming year of the Fire Monkey in 2016. AnakJajan are going to share with you an infographic of 5 Lucky Foods to Eat During Chinese New Year (CNY) brought to you by Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

Chinese New Year is commonly used as an opportunity to gather with family and friends, and to enjoy the culinary tradition of Chinese New Year together.

Traditionally there are certain dishes that are believed to bring good fortune for the coming year if consumed during Chinese New Year festival season.

Let’s find out what food that we should have during Chinese New Year to ensure an auspicious and prosperous year in the following infographic:
5 lucky food

1. Fish
In Chinese, the word for fish sounds like the word surplus. It is believed as a great symbol of abundance of fortune that you will have more than you need.

2. Noodle
Noodle represents longevity. People usually consume noodles during Chinese New Year as a wish for longevity. The noodles are usually longer than normal noodles.

3. Dumplings
This classic Chinese food has a similar shape of an old Chinese silver ingot. It is supposedly said that the more dumplings you have on Chinese New Year, the more money you can make in the following year.

4. Bird’s Nest Soup
Bird’s nest soup symbolizes long life and youthfulness, hence consuming it during Chinese New Year is a great opportunity to wish for both long life and youthfulness.

5. Nian Gao
In Chinese, ‘nian’ sounds like year and ‘gao’ sounds like tall or high, therefore the sticky rice dessert Nian Gao symbolizes a better and higher year, that’s why people usually have it to wish for better and more successful life.

Now after knowing 5 Lucky Foods to eat during Chinese New Year by Mandarin Orchard Singapore, it’s time to prepare and plan your Chinese New Year feast so you can have a great celebration and a good start for a prosperous coming year. May the new year of Fire Monkey in 2016 bring you prosperity and good fortune.

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