ONNI HOUSE – Jakarta

In Jakarta, there’s always new cafe or restaurant popping out with newer and more interesting concept. One of the newly opened and hyped place would be Onni House in Tanjung Duren area, a place that combines cafe and florist together.

What makes a cafe/ restaurant packed with customers? Price and food used to be two major factors, but nowadays ambiance or decor also makes a great impact in getting customers. For example PikNik in Lebak Bulus with poolside tropical concept. The other example would be Onni House.

The newly opened place is situated in a spacious home in Tanjung Duren area, upon arriving, you’ll immediately understand the hype of this place. Yes, this place is super instagrammable with homy flower concept. On the front, there’s an instagrammable photo spot equipped with flowers and bicycle.

Inside, there’s a mini store selling home decor stuff, artificial flowers, and also fresh flower. Love the way they arrange everything nicely resulting a cozy homey vibes, it makes an instagrammable photo background too.

The food there are relatively more affordable compared to cafes in south Jakarta, they serve fusion home cook dishes. During Lebaran holiday, AnakJajan were looking for a place to meet our friend, to our surprise Onni House was open, so we decided to give it a visit, well as expected, it was packed with customers and it seems like they’re short of staffs, that explains the limitation of their menu, there were many unavailable items.

Mendoan Tempeh Sticks IDR 18k
These deep fried tempeh fritter were surprisingly nicely made, well seasoned with beautiful coating, served with sweet and sour soy sauce. Simple but tasty.

Mendoan Tempeh Sticks IDR 18k
Mendoan Tempeh Sticks IDR 18k

Ayam Bakar Rujak
This dish was way below our expectation, it’s more suitable if we call it chicken cooked in coconut milk since the chicken was plain white without any grill aroma at all, the coconut milk was also overpowering we couldn’t taste anything else. Luckily the tempe orek was tasty and well seasoned with subtle sweet taste and nice caramelization.

Ayam Bakar Rujak

Mie Goreng Jawa IDR 58k
Classic fried noodle dish served with soy glazed chicken wings, pickles and crackers. The noodle was very bold but in a good way, it has all the elements we expected, savory and sweet with delightful wok-fry aroma.

Mie Goreng Jawa IDR 58k
Mie Goreng Jawa IDR 58k

Oh well, overall Onni House makes a nice hangout place, AnakJajan would say that the instagrammable spots and homy vibes play a major role there, as for the food it was decent but not something to crave for.

Onni House
Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara V No.242
West Ibukota Jakarta 11470
Telepon: +6221-22956116


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One thought on “ONNI HOUSE – Jakarta”

  1. Tempat ini mengingatkan gw sama Audrey Cafe des Fleurs di Bangkok.. Konsep dan dekornya serupa tapi tak sama

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