Chizu Boba IDR 59k

Introducing the newest hype in town, Pan & Co. パンとー Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Mall Kelapa Gading 2, North Jakarta.

UPDATE: Pan & Co has new opened new outlet in Emporium Pluit Mall 3rd floor

Original IDR 49k

AnakJajan think we can say that 2019 is the year of Japanese fluffy pancake in Jakarta, we’re sure there will be more and more new pancake place popping out. Since me and Mr. Jajan have tried a few of popular pancake cafes in Japan, we have our own standard.

Bacon & Egg IDR 65k
Chizu Ichigo Toast IDR 32k

The opening of Pan & Co. is highly anticipated by us since the yellow signage is quite catchy and we miss Japanese style fluffy pancake sooo much.

It’s located on Mall Kelapa Gading 2 1st floor, the cafe has pretty decor with yellow walls and flowers with lots of natural light from the window. You can see the pancake making process from open kitchen.

French Fries Takoyaki Style IDR 32k
Since the pancakes are freshly made by order, it takes around 15-20minutes to cook. So while waiting for our pancake, we ordered French Fries Takoyaki to munch first, it’s basically shoestring fries with Japanese mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, nori, bonito flakes.

French Fries Takoyaki Style IDR 32k

Chicken Teriyaki Salad IDR 42k
The crispy chicken teriyaki was sooo gewd!! Crispy on the outside while juicy on the inside and nicely covered with delicious teriyaki sauce. It goes well with their organic salad and nutty sesame iri goma sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki Salad IDR 42k
Chicken Teriyaki Salad IDR 42k

Yuzu Kohi IDR 35k
Yuzu flavored espresso with fresh orange slice, very refreshing with just the right level of sweetness.

Yuzu Kohi IDR 35k, Ginza Galaxy IDR 35k

Ginza Galaxy IDR 35k
Colorful and refreshing drink consists of passion fruit infused blueflower tea soda with fresh lemon and strawberries.

Original IDR 49k
This one might look the less appealing compared to other pancake menu with more festive topping but AnakJajan personally highly recommend this one!!! It’s really good and you cannot go wrong with the original one.

Original IDR 49k

Their Japanese fluffy pancakes were seriously nicely done, very close to the one we tried in Japan. Soft, airy, uber fluffy and moist, also not too eggy, definitely successful to live up to our standards.

Original IDR 49k

For original pancake, they serve it with organic honey whipped cream, caramel sauce, and vanilla ice cream. We really like the sweet salty kick from caramel sauce also the nice honey fragrant from the honey whipped cream. So good.

Pandan Latte IDR 37k

Chizu Boba IDR 59k
One major factor that we like from Pan&Co is flavor contrast on their pancakes, not only sweet but we get a bit hint of salty taste from other ingredients such as cream cheese or salted caramel, it helps a lot in enhanching the sweet taste and also makes it enjoyable till the last bite.

Chizu Boba IDR 59k

For Chizu Boba, the pancakes are served with sweet cream cheese, tapioca bubble, and vanilla icecream. We really like the sweet salty taste from fluffy whipped cream cheese, it goes well with fluffy pancake and chewy boba. The boba itself was chewy nice, enjoyable but can be better.

Chizu Boba IDR 59k

Bacon & Egg IDR 65k
If you’re not a sweettooth person. Don’t worry, there are a few options of savory pancakes. For savory pancake, they use whole wheat pancake, it has similar fluffy soft texture. For Bacon & Egg, we got 2 whole wheat pancakes with crispy beef bacon, soft omelette, organic salad, and buttered mushroom, each ingredient complements each other nicely. Major love for the buttered mushroom!😋

Bacon & Egg IDR 65k
Bacon & Egg IDR 65k

Chizu Ichigo Toast IDR 32k
Besides Pancake, they have toast menu too. The brioche toast was fluffy with nice caramelization served with fresh cream cheese, homemade strawberry sauce and fresh strawberry. We really enjoyed the buttery taste.

Chizu Ichigo Toast IDR 32k

Overall, when you left a restaurant with happy face, you know you just had a great meal and that’s exactly how we felt after trying the food here. The taste of Pan&Co’s fluffy Japanese pancake is very close to the one we tried in Japan, hopefully they can maintain the consistency of the product because we definitely will be back for more.

Pan & Co.
Mall Kelapa Gading 2 1st floor No. 231
Jl. Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta 14240



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3 thoughts on “PAN & CO. JAPANESE FLUFFY PANCAKES – Jakarta”

  1. Duh… tempting banget, sih! Kepengin banget cobain Chizu Boba-nya. Selama ini kan cuma cobain Boba di minuman aja, kayak Milk Tea. Blom kebayang rasanya gimana kalau sekarang dijadiin topping makanan. 😀

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