Tsubu IDR 55k

CALLING ALL MATCHA HARD CORE FANS!! From Singapore to Indonesia, Hvala, a tea especially Matcha (Green Tea) ice cream and beverage specialty cafe is open in Living World Mall 1st Floor, Alam Sutera, Serpong, Tangerang.

Yuzu Ice Blend IDR 49k + Matcha Soft Serve Float IDR 25k, Tsubu IDR 55k

When it comes to any Matcha related food, I guess many of you are hardcore fans?? Well for myself, I’m also a big fan, that’s why the newly opened Hvala from Singapore in Alam Sutera got me excited.

Yuzu Ice Blend IDR 49k + Matcha Soft Serve Float IDR 25k

The cafe offers various Uji Matcha, Houjicha, and Yuzu beverages and desserts from Cold Brew, Ice Blend, Crema, Soft Serve Ice Cream, to Ice Cream Parfait with price ranging from IDR 35k to IDR 84k.

Focusing more on the take out, Hvala in Living World is just a small cafe on an island inside the mall, with limited seating area for maximum 3 or 4 people. It’s located near the main elevator and Ace Hardware on 1st floor.

Yuzu Ice Blend IDR 49k + Matcha Soft Serve Float IDR 25k
All time fav!! Been there twice and this menu is a must order for us. It’s a perfect refreshing drink for hot sunny day. The Yuzu Ice Blend has a thick icy consistency, not overly sweet with delightful citrusy aroma from the Yuzu citrus fruit.

Yuzu Ice Blend IDR 49k + Matcha Soft Serve Float IDR 25k

To make it even better, AnakJajan added additional Matcha Soft Serve Float. The Uji Matcha soft serve here has a nice consistency, smooth and rich with perfect level of sweetness. One thing we love from their matcha ice cream compared to other places is that the one here has bolder and richer matcha taste and it’s not too milky nor creamy, making it very enjoyable still the last spoonful.

Houjicha Ice Blend IDR 49k
Since the Yuzu one was a big hit, during the 2nd visit, AnakJajan got the Houjicha Ice Blend, it’s basically houjicha tea with ice blend without milk, we chose that one since we were looking for clean taste. Gladly it tastes as refreshing and as aromatic as we expected, FYI, the sweetness level is adjustable.
The Ice Blend drink is available in Matcha version, and both Matcha and Houjicha Ice Blend are also available in milk version or they call it Latte Ice Blend, if you prefer your tea with milk.

Houjicha Ice Blend IDR 49k, Yuzu Ice Blend IDR 49k + Matcha Soft Serve Float IDR 25k

Tsubu IDR 55k
For ice cream parfait, there are 3 options, other than that you can Build Your Own parfait with 15 options of toppings and 4 options of sauces for IDR 5k to IDR 10k per item.

Tsubu IDR 55k

AnakJajan ordered Tsubu consisting of Uji Matcha Soft Serve, Toasted Buckwheat Puff, Grilled Dango, Senbei and Gula Melaka Sago. The grilled dango was delightful, chewy with sweet caramelization on top, then the Gula Melaka Sago was also pleasantly surprising, sweet with subtle salty taste.

Tsubu IDR 55k

All of the ingredients were complementing each other and it completes the taste of Uji Matcha Soft Serve perfectly, the only odd one for us would be the salty Senbei or rice cracker, the salty soy flavor is kinda weird for us personally when paired with sweet matcha ice cream.

Tsubu IDR 55k, Yuzu Ice Blend IDR 49k + Matcha Soft Serve Float IDR 25k

Overall, AnakJajan’s visit to Hvala has successfully fixed our cravings for Matcha dessert. We just love how well balanced the Uji Matcha soft serve ice cream is, rich enough, not too milky, not too sweet, just the way we like! If you’re a fan of Matcha drink and ice cream, Hvala is worth to visit.

Living World Alam Sutera 1st floor
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard No.Kav. 21
Pakulonan, Serpong Utara
Tangerang, Banten 15325


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